Our First Dance

April 12, 2011Fun, Movies

They make it look easy on TV. My beautiful wife and I invested in many hours of private ballroom dancing lessons. We even choreographed our dance to a particular song, Crazy Love by Michael BublĂ©. This video is the result, it was totally worth it. If you’re in Springfield, MO and are looking for Ballroom … Read More

Thistle & Weeds

April 11, 2011Fun, Movies

Short Film with New Camera Gear My office recently purchased a Canon 7D and this is my first opportunity to shoot some footage. I used a 35mm prime lens from my older Canon DSLR XTi. My father-in-law was kind enough to service and mow my yard while I sat around and filmed him while he … Read More

The Adjustment Bureau – Review

March 7, 2011Movies

The movie is a little bit of everything; love story, mystery and action flick. Without giving too much away, it explores the concepts of free will and fate. The film seems reminiscent of others I have seen in the past. I’d liken it to a chick-flick version of the Matrix. The supernatural undertone provides clever … Read More