My EDC folders

October 30, 2012Fun, Product Review

From left to right. 4sevens Qmini123, Classic Swiss Army Knife in Alox, Böker Mini, Böker Mini, Sypderco Dragonfly, Benchmade 555, Sypderco Sage, CRKT Razel, CRKT M21-14

Pocket Dump

September 16, 2012Photography, Product Review

The items that we keep in our pockets or on our person say a lot about us. One of my design professors in college said, “a designer considers good design in every aspect of their life.” I’ve found this to be true. I value quality craftsmanship and innovative products that make life easier and help … Read More

iPad 2 Impression

March 2, 2011Product Review

The new uni-body design is very nice. The thinner and lighter form-factor is a welcomed change. I can’t wait to hold one, a reduction from 1.5 lbs to 1.3 lbs seems dramatic. The most surprising thing I saw today was the announcement of Garage Band to the iOS platform. I don’t play in a band, … Read More