2013 Big Run at SMORR

April 29, 2013Fun

Ozarks Jeep Thing’s first annual Big Run. The trail ride pairs a “big” and “little” from the organization Big Brothers Big Sisters in a members Jeeps. We then drove a few trails at SMORR. Much fun was had by all.

My EDC folders

October 30, 2012Fun, Product Review

From left to right. 4sevens Qmini123, Classic Swiss Army Knife in Alox, Böker Mini, Böker Mini, Sypderco Dragonfly, Benchmade 555, Sypderco Sage, CRKT Razel, CRKT M21-14

My New Tat

May 29, 2012Fun, Photography, Typography

Okay, not really. This was a fun addition during a rockstar themed party we had this evening with new clients. It was an evening filled with great food, great music and great people. It’s always fun to meet and mingle with like-minded creative-folk. Photo via Instagram

Christmas Dance!

December 28, 2011Fun

My brother’s reaction to a christmas present. Photoshop can be used for good and evil. I’ll let you decide which category this falls in. Merry Christmas.

Jeep Illustration

November 22, 2011Fun, Illustration

Thought I’d draw my new Jeep tonight. Vector illustration is my favorite style. Here’s the final illustration and keyline view of just the Jeep. This time of year is so chaotic and this image looks so peaceful.

Our First Dance

April 12, 2011Fun, Movies

They make it look easy on TV. My beautiful wife and I invested in many hours of private ballroom dancing lessons. We even choreographed our dance to a particular song, Crazy Love by Michael Bublé. This video is the result, it was totally worth it. If you’re in Springfield, MO and are looking for Ballroom … Read More

Thistle & Weeds

April 11, 2011Fun, Movies

Short Film with New Camera Gear My office recently purchased a Canon 7D and this is my first opportunity to shoot some footage. I used a 35mm prime lens from my older Canon DSLR XTi. My father-in-law was kind enough to service and mow my yard while I sat around and filmed him while he … Read More

Cars 2 Poster

April 8, 2011Fun

Love the James Bond-esque 1960s era design. Source